Harmoix XDC-2 Mains Cable


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The Harmonix XDC-2 Mains Cable

Stunning mains cables created by Japanese company The Combak Corporation for their Harmonix range.

These cables are also supplied as standard with their Reimyo electronics.

Your audio system’s power cords are like the arteries in your body. If your arteries have problems, your whole physical system is affected. Similarly, when there is electromagnetic and RF interference in the cords, the sound quality of your whole audio system deteriorates. For years, Harmonix engineers have been studying cord insulation materials and construction methods, discovering the definitive rules that govern efficient conductivity and smooth electron flow in cables.

The Harmonix X-DC2 and Studio Master AC power cords are the result of this relentless research. They cause no interference-just give you breathtakingly clear sound, more dynamic and lifelike than possible with any other cables. High-pitched sharpness decreases, notes become clearer and more delineated, sonic response increases and has more organic elegance.

It’s no wonder world famous recording engineers call the X-DC “Studio Master” the best cords they’ve ever used. JVC uses them at their XRCD mastering studio, where the finest reference quality CD digital mastering is done. Just try them! You’ll be amazed.

£575 for 1m cable. Other lengths available; please ask for details and prices.


・ Wire: Newly designed OFC and directional

・ Plug: FURUTECH FI-25M(R)

(FURUTECH Schuko and UK plugs also available on order)

・ IEC Connecter: FURUTECH Fl-15E(R)

・ Size: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m length


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