Interconnect Cables

  • Audion Proton Interconnect Cable a_proton_plug1_1Proton cables provide extremely good signal to noise rejection. They provide a very stable image, and are designed to complement the speed, tonal presence, transparency and dimensionality of our amplifiers.
  • Black Rhodium Illusion DCT Interconnect Cable Black Rhodium Illusion DCT interconnect cableWith the ILLUSION DCT is where we introduce our acclaimed Deep Cryogenic Treatment. DCT is a fascinating process with carefully controlled ‘recipes’ for processing materials at extreme temperatures imparting amazing properties to the finished results. In this case our tightly twisted silver plated copper cable delivers awesome musical performance with admirably clear treble, delicate percussion ...
  • Black Rhodium Opera DCT Interconnect Cable Black Rhodium Opera DCT stereo Interconnect CableThe OPERA interconnect cables uses 99.99% pure solid silver conductors, PTFE dielectric, silver plated copper braided screen and XLR connectors (Phono version also available).
  • Black Rhodium Prelude Interconnect Cable Black Rhodium PreludePRELUDE is an extremely popular cable that delivers incredible results particularly when used in mid-priced systems. We have used our expertise in cable design to produce a cable with very low microphonic distortion resulting in an exceptionally smooth sounding cable that is able to tame the harshness encountered in some HiFi systems.
  • Deltec Black Slink Interconnect Black Slink in Presentation BoxWith the recently announced return of Deltec Precision Audio and Ardhowen HiFi’s being appointed dealer for this legendary brand, we are delighted to announce that we now have in stock the legend that is the Black Slink interconnect.
  • Harmonix Golden Performance HS-101 GP RCA Interconnect Cable Harmonix HS101GPAt the top of the Harmonix lineup are the highly-acclaimed HS-101 Golden Performance (GP) interconnect cables. Audiophiles and sound engineers throughout the world agree: there are no cables anywhere that compare. The HS-101 GP interconnect cables are simply astounding.
  • Opera/Consonance Billie Interconnect Cable billie copyFrom Opera/Consonance the Billie interconnect cable sets new standards for a cable at its price point.
  • Opera/Consonance Laday Balanced XLR Interconnect Cable laday copyThe balanced XLR version of the Billie cable is called the Laday.
  • TCI Cobra & Cobra SE Interconnect Cable TCI Cobra 2The TCI Cobra II translates music and film soundtracks with astonishing realism, giving amazing bass extension and tingling detail. It maintains its control with superb imaging and the ability to portray both subtle and massive dynamic scale. But perhaps its most important achievement is the ability to convey the performers’ input exactly to the nearest ...
  • TCI Viper & Viper SE Interconnect Cable TCI ViperTCI Viper is a balanced twisted pair design with aerospace grade PC-OFC alloy conductors and shielded in an aluminium foil screen covered by an OFC plated braided screen. The screening combined together with its improved structure make for improved signal quality and a more versatile interconnect.

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